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Friday, December 26, 2014


Does Love exist?

It doesn't.

Only lust. Or a common respect for each other. For some, the feeling of not being alone is mistaken for love.

The feeling parents have for their children? Feelings of belonging. Same for the feelings of children towards their parents.

Does Love exist, they ask me?

No, it doesn't.

Just finding the right person who has the right amount of respect with you, to cooperate and commit to whatever you or the other person wants to do.

Feelings change. It's inevitable. Some grow to be apart, some grow to become closer. Some relate feeling insecure, or "afraid to lose someone" as a form of love. It's not. It's just being insecure. And not being able to accept one's self.

Does Love exist? They ask me.

No it doesn't.

It's one of human's most stupid dream ever created to blind everyone.